Estate Planning Based on Trust

At O’Neill and Woolpert, we’ve specialized in estate planning on the Central Coast for more than 35 years. Charron O'Neill and Janet O’Neill are trust, estate planning, probate attorneys in San Luis Obispo, California who focus on making living trusts, probate, estate taxes and trust administration easy to comprehend. We don’t talk over your head with legal-speak so that you will understand what’s going on.

Our team has extensive experience helping families not only in San Luis Obispo County, but throughout California. We create plans for the future and guide clients through difficult times of transition after losing a loved one. O’Neill and Woolpert’s collaborative approach to estate planning law means our clients experience a more efficient and hassle-free process, even for unique procedures like a special needs trust or conservatorship.

Give us a call at our San Luis Obispo office today. We’d love to hear from you and talk about how our team can help you.

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